Group Programmes

We run group programmes occasionally ona regular basis and these have been great successes.
These have included a fat loss programme, speed programme and strength programme.
If you wanted expert coaching and wanted to follow a programme created by us and work within a group then these a for you!
SPEED – Want to run faster? We go trough what is important to help you mechanically run more effectively whilst training in all the aspects of speed!
STRENGTH – Want to start lifting weights? Want to improve your overall strength? Not seeing the results you want? Learn how to effetively train to become stronger which in turn helps in losing body fat, improving posture and looking good without clothes on. Win win!
FAT LOSS – None of us wants the excess fat and like to look toned. Carrying excess fat isnt great so this programme looks at burning fat most efectlectively and we measure you weekly to monitor your programme with a meal plan included also.
Save money on 1-1 personal training by booking on to one of these courses….ย 
See what some people have achieved on our programmes as we guarantee the best programme design and helped to execute them by our expert coach to gain you the results you want!