Personal Training

Our expert personal trainers will offer you the best programmes to follow to help you progress and achieve your goals.
We go the extra mile to help you, get the training you deserve. We offer 1-1 or group PT (max of 4).
Why have Personal Training?


Progress towards your goals    –    Improve posture and mobility

Fresh ideas to improve your training    –    Educated how to train better

Prevent and manage injuries    –    Enhanced motivation

Increased Accountability    –    Expert support    –    Increased Intensity

Efficient workouts    –    Safe workouts    –    Personalised fitness advice

Improved fitness!    –    Rapid Results!

Owner Liam Hunn is highly qualified and experienced with over 10 years of training clients

We will create the best route for you to get the best results and reach your goals.


Your programme will be customised to you using our expertise

Invest in yourself
If your car breaksdown, you need it fixed
We only have one life and you deserve to live to your maximal potential, one thing worth investing in is yourself
Become stronger, fitter, more fnctional by choosing from many of our options. 30mins? 60mins? 1-1 or in a group?