Liam Hunn

Liam is the owner and expert coach in the area helping to transform lives.

Friendly and approachable, you will see him managing the gym offering his personal training services and running classes. Whatever help you want, you’ll be in safe hands knowing he will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Sam Courtneyย  +ย  Julia Mellors


Julia and Sam are the loveliest ladies you could meet and will adapt to accomodate for all within their classes. Always positive and with a beautiful smile on their faces you will feel right at home within their specialised areas of Yoga (Julia) and Pilates (Sam).

Abi Lee

Abi is young and packed with energy, great knowledge and work ethic. You will see Abi help oversee the gym and offering personal training services and running classes. Friendly and approachable, Abi will always look to help you out.